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McGinty Urges Senate to Pass Costa Amendment to Protect Prevailing Wage

PHILADELPHIA---Katie McGinty, Democratic candidate for Governor, today urged the Pennsylvania Senate to adopt Senator Jay Costa’s amendment to the transportation funding bill that would remove language from the legislation that weakens Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage law. 

“Governor Corbett is using this important piece of legislation to go after workers’ wages by attempting to weaken Pennsylvania’s Prevailing Wage laws. The transportation bill should be focused on fixing our roads and bridges and creating jobs---not cutting wages for hard-working families,” McGinty said. “I urge every Senator to support Jay Costa’s amendment today because the focus of this legislation should be rebuilding our infrastructure and funding transit. It definitely should not be about making it harder for middle class workers to earn livable wages.”

In October, McGinty spoke out against another bill that would have weakened Prevailing Wage in Pennsylvania. In a release, she opposed HB 1538, sponsored by York County Republican Rep. Ron Miller, which would allow political subdivisions to exclude themselves from prevailing wage laws.